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A note from Lizzie
September 5, 2008, 8:20 am
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I can’t believe my 3 weeks in Arusha are already over and that I’m heading back to the US tomorrow. This has been a jam packed, amazing, exciting trip and it’s hard to pick any specific experience that will explain how much I loved my time here. Two things that really defined my time here were the strong women and children I met at placement and in the community with the other volunteers.

Some of the best adventures were experiencing the natural beauty of the country, we all felt in awe on many occasions. Like on the last night of safari I think I saw more stars than ever before in my life and that was right after watching a beautiful sunset. The Hatuchoki waterfall hike was really amazing also. The whole area was so lush and green, I had such a fun time climbing under the waterfall with the other volunteers. We all had a really good time with the billion course meal of traditional Meru food and the signing with the women after.

With my volunteer work at Faraja, I was able to go and visit women in their homes that are applying for microfinance business loans, women that the loans might really help. One woman’s, Selena, story really stood out to me when I visited her. Her home was the smallest I think I saw, like most it was a cramped one room, mud wall

Lizzie and the children of Faraja Nursery school

Lizzie and the children of Faraja Nursery school

house with a door that would barely open to let us in. She and her two children shared on bed, getting by with little food and clothing. Her husband died in a car accident, he was HIV positive and so is she. When her husband was alive they had more money and a nicer home. I knew that with a loan, she might be able to afford a nicer home again and not be uncertain about her ability to afford secondary school for her children. Meeting Selena made me feel really excited about the microfinance program and the good it is doing.

This has been such an amazing trip for me and I feel so thankful for everyday, every person and every experience that has filled the past three weeks.

Lizzie D.


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