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Shari’s Reflections on Volunteering at TAMIHA
August 3, 2008, 7:31 am
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July 24th

Today me and 3 other volunteers Ben, Tim, and Melody went on home visits with Tamiha. The home visits involved traipsing through the mud for 7 hours. I clearly didn’t bring the right shoes for that. My tennis shoes have very little traction which meant I was sliding around all day. At the end we went to Moddy’s house,  our guide who works for Tamiha, were Stella, his wife, invited us in for lunch. Then we trekked back down and went to the school for orphans Tamiha runs to talk to Crisspin, the director.

July 28th

Today Ben and I did an HIV presentation at a vocational school for Tamiha. They have no sex education or anything in their schools here so they are eager for information. There are so many misconceptions here because of the lack of good information. We were doing the presentation in a place called Usa River where 18% of the inhabitants are HIV infected. We’re doing more presentations later in the week.

July 29th

We were supposed to take 3 kids to the clinic today, 2 to get HIV tested and one to get a CD4 count. 2 of the kids couldn’t come because someone the mother knew passed away so they were busy. So me and 2 girls from the Green foundation took the other boy, James, to get his CD4 count. It’s sad, he’s 15 but he can be easily mistaken for much younger and he’s really weak so we had to take breaks while walking. Unfortunately when we got to the clinic they told us they couldn’t see him until he got a referral from the place where he had already been treated. Hopefully he’ll be able to get that and we can take him on Friday.

July 31st

I worked from the house today so I could use the computer. I proofread a bunch of English stuff for Crispin to fix the spelling and grammatical errors so he can send out donation letters to vitamin companies and can do grant proposals to try and get money for his organization.


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