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Last day of placment for the first program
July 23, 2008, 7:33 am
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Melissa and Amanda were placed at 7th day teaching the children. Melissa explains the feeling s she had on her last day:

The house seemed empty becuase most of the other volunteers had left for Zanzibar this weekend. Amanda and I got together our stuff very slowly for the last time, bringing together the remainder of our paper and suppies. The kids were crazy all day, probably because it was Friday. We started out having drawing certain objects like clothing, chairs, tables, ect. Some of the kids drew very well with great representations, while others just scribbled.

When the kids came back from break we decided to work on an art project specifically to give to the donor of the art supplies. Each child was given a peice of paper and was told to draw and color whatever they wanted. They were alound one color at a time but could switch with others. All the kids trading their colors and drawing whatever they wanted was a site to see.

We decided to treat the kids since it was our last day with them, we bought half cake and mendazi (a kind of sweet unfrosted dounut). They were so excited considering there was no porridge that day.

The teachers started explaining to the kids that it would be our last day, and some of them and us started to cry. The teacher explained that hopefully one day we would be back and that we loved teaching them.

Outside for one last break we played “steal the beacon”, sang a few nursery songs we had taught them.

We saud goodbye for the last time. It was heartbreaking walking away from the school for the last time but a few kids walked out with us, blew kisses and exchanged hugs.

I was ad to say goodbye but I was happy to have been able to be a part of their lives.


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What a great adventure. I’m sure everyone with the Arusha Project works hard and makes a difference. My daughter just left last week and her 1st phone call home was today. She is at the school 7th Day also. Reading and seeing your photo’s made me miss her less.

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