Arusha Project

The Big Bash
August 30, 2007, 8:54 am
Filed under: HIV/AIDS

Our last crafts fair on Tuesday was a big celebration to mark the final week of the Arusha Project’s Summer 2007 term. This time, we went all out.
Volunteers helped decorate the house and set up the yard for the afternoon fair.

Like usual our cooks spent the day preparing for the 100 plus guests they would have to feed that night, but today, the food was exceptional. They even made guacamole, a dish I taught them about a month ago. Guests showed up around 4:30 to showcase their work, and performing artists showed up a bit later.


Performing acrobats, traditional dancers, drummers and hip hop singers, including a group made of two students from a school our volunteers teach at, came and gave a really good show. The night ended in some fireworks, dancing, and a slideshow that showed the last three months of Arusha Project work in the community. Our front gate was left open all day and all of our partners came as well as the children from our neighborhood.


It was a perfect mellow yet festive way to end an era. The end is what is on all of our minds, especially the staff and the long term volunteers who have made Arusha home for the last few months. Right now we’re wrapping up the program and insuring continuation of all of our projects for the following December term.

– Kaia


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